"Sterntagebücher Elfte Reise" is a theatre comedy written by Kay Scholz and Andreas Ramm based on a short story of Stanislaw Lem's "The Star Diaries".

The piece was directed by Leo Skverer who worked with the ensemble of the "Kunger Kiez Theater" in Berlin Treptow.

The whole project took place under the Patronage of "Kunger Kiez Theater" and in Cooperation with "Zirkus Cabuwazi" in Berlin Treptow where the play had it's premiere in July 2012.


Actors:  Alexandra Pralow, Jörg Karsten, Bernhard

         Gaudian, Dirk Zmarzly,

         Diana Wintrich, Michael Schmitz, Christian

         Meskó, Svea-Patricia Kammer 


Director:                        Leo Skverer

Authors:                         Kay Scholz/Andreas Ramm

Stage Design/Commercial Design:  Kay Scholz

Costume Design:                  Hannah Schorch/

                                 Leo Skverer

Music:                           Michael Schmitz

Photographer:                    Lily Roggemann

Direction Assistant:             Marlit Werse



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